Weekly Link Roundup (07-09-10)

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Gaming the System: How Marketers Rig the Social Media Machine (

Since usually, the more friends or views a business has, the more popular and thus trustworthy it seems, there becomes an incentive to artificially inflating these counts through tools and other automations. So much so that even a cottage industry has risen for this need.

Challenging Social Dogma (

To think creatively, one has to go beyond the doctrine of beliefs that are accepted as authoritative. To follow this dogma is to slowly drain the value of social media as an effective marketing tool. So, creative thought and challenging dogma is essential for keeping the value of social media up.

No, You Can’t Automate Social Media! (

Since social media’s value lies in its interactivity, it becomes ineffective when the medium is used only for broadcast and not for conversation. When this happens, the media stops being social. Because of this, although there are useful tools, one cannot fully automate social media.

Using Social Media Tools – The Right Way (

Not all social media tools are effective for different aspects in internet marketing. Although there are hundreds available online, but which ones efficiently meet certain goals for a campaign? Different sites and tools are made for different goals.

Twitter Tip For Networked Nonprofits: Follow The Few To Get To The Many (

It isn’t about following thousands and thousands of friends on Twitter. Sometimes, the best way to go about a campaign is to focus on connections that are genuinely relevant and interesting. This is how following few to get many is possible. Some twitter tools can make it easier to cultivate these connections.

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