Weekly Link Roundup (07-30-10)

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Three New Facebook Resources for Personal and Professional Guidance for the Media, Journalists and PR Professionals (

Facebook Questions isn’t the only thing that’s new with everyone’s favorite social networking platform. Facebook has also drawn up three new resources that cater especially to media professionals, journalists, and marketers. These pages provide tips on how to use Facebook more efficiently for their field as well as relevant updates and information.

Does Adding Twitter to a Brand Make It Cooler? (

Robert Scoble shows how Twitter integration helps gain considerable ground in a brand’s consumer base by citing the story of MotoGP champion, Jorge Lorenzo. His popularity is hugely attributed to his activeness on Twitter.

Viral Marketing Videos and Optimized Blogs Will Boost Profits (

The internet marketing environment is fast-paced and forever-changing. There are two things that remain constant however, which marketers can take advantage of. These are the effectiveness of viral marketing videos and the need for an optimized blog.

Analysis: What are the Web’s Top Sources of Referral Traffic? (

Because the nature of the Internet is so volatile, we are constantly looking for new sources of traffic for our content. After all, there is no use to invest on a well-designed website if no one’s going to visit it. This article lists down the top sources of referral traffic.

Are Foursquare, Gowalla and Geolocation Ready for Prime Time Marketing? (

Geo-targeted or location-based social networking is catching up with the rest of social media marketing tools. It seems its effectiveness depends on the location as well, though. Areas that are quick to adapt to new technologies are great hubs for location-based social media campaigns.

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