Weekly Link Roundup (08-06-10)

August 6th, 2010 by | 45 Comments

Boosting the Power of Marketers’ Tweets (

While there are many marketers who own and update their own Twitter accounts, the majority of Twitter users remain to be ordinary people, the consumers. It is the goal of these marketers to get the consumers to help them leverage their brand. This can be done by providing share-worthy information and direct engagement.

Influence is Bliss: The Gender Divide of Influence on Twitter (

It seems women are dominating the social media landscape. Statistics show that they tend to update more and hold a wider follower-base than their male peers. Does this mean that women hold more influence than men on the web? Click the title to find out.

Sherlock Holmes on Social Media Popularity (

Popularity does not always translate to authority. Take Sherlock Holmes, for example. Despite being a master at his craft, all the credit goes to more publicly-visible law enforcers who seek his advice. With so many self-made social media gurus out there, it’s easy to overlook the true experts from those who are simply following the trend.

Mommy Bloggers: Tips for Marketing to the Mom Crowd (

Mommy bloggers hold a lot of pull as consumers on the web. In this post, BG Creative blogger Beth offers a few tips on how marketers can catch their attention and get them to support a brand.

iPad and Social Media: A Perfect Pair (

After months of being lost in the woods of pioneer product limbo, has the iPad finally found its niche as a social media power tool? According to business and editorial expert, Carolyn Cohn, having an iPad may actually help make social media even more effective.

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