Weekly Link Roundup (09-24-10)

September 24th, 2010 by | 2 Comments

PR needs to Focus on Conversations (

Back then, PR meant getting the company’s name printed in as many publications and as many times as possible. Now that digital media has proven itself to be highly influential in the marketplace, PR needs to keep up with the times. This calls for a shift in mindset, focusing on conversations rather than simply visibility.

How Content and Social Media Equal Marketing Success (

Content marketing and social media are intertwined. Joe Pulizzi explains how the potential for success increases when a company decides to use these two web-based marketing strategies in tandem with each other.

The Most Influential Consumers Online are on Twitter (

For marketers, Twitter is more than a real-time focus group. It houses some of the most influential consumers, as well as the most receptive to marketing messages.

Facebook Makes It Easier to Stop Fan Spam (

Since the start of the year, Facebook has been introducing a lot of new features to its social networking site. One of its most recent additions is a spam guard. Now, Facebook Business Page administrators can report spammers and ban people who have made abusive comments.

Google Instant and Impact to Your Online Marketing (

How will Google Instant affect online marketing? Krishna De asked six SEO experts in a webinar early this month. A recording of the webinar can be found on her blog.

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