Weekly Link Roundup (10-01-10)

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Why Advertising and Social Media Need Each Other (

Good advertising tells a story, elicits reactions and is encourages conversations among viewers. Social media reinforces these behaviors, providing a platform for consumers to interact with the brand and with each other. Far from overthrowing it, we’re seeing a powerful partnership that may change the way we do marketing. We’ve already had a glimpse of it with Old Spice.

Think Social Media Isn’t for B2B Segment? Think Again. (

Here again is another wake-up call for those who are still apprehensive about embracing social media. With a help of a very informative – and very entertaining – video, Drew McLellan shows that B2B can gain just as much from social media as B2C marketers.

How to Write Commercial Tweets and Posts (

Social media spreads sales messages differently from traditional marketing. Message distribution occurs not through media buys and placement but through the distribution facilitated by the consumers themselves. When writing commercial tweets and posts, the objective is to start a conversation, not to sell a product outright.

How Brands Can Make Their Own Customer Influencers (

Consumers tend to look for authentic recommendations from real people, not marketers, which is why companies are constantly on the lookout for influencers that could help grow their brand. Here we see that maybe we’re going about it backwards. Rather than looking for influencers and turning them into advocates of our brand, wouldn’t it be much easier to find advocates and turn them into influencers?

Andy’s Answers: How McDonald’s is Engaging Employees with a Social-Media Talent Contest (

With more than 1.5 million employees, McDonald’s seems to be in the ideal position to leverage its brand advocates. Its Amercan Idol-like contest for employees is not just for finding talent. It is a way of to find brand ambassadors who truly believe in its brand.

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