Weekly Link Roundup (10-15-10)

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4 Ways Social Media Helped Gap’s Logo Disaster (

In this case study, social media proved to be a helpful tool to understanding a brand’s audience and saving the company from deploying moves that would affect the brand negatively. Feedback on Gap’s redesigned logo showed that despite the design blunder, the company established a stronger rapport with customers.

Social Media Mission Control, The Contact Center Must Evolve #SocialSupport (

Thanks to social media, CRM technologies have begun to evolve, making the transition from traditional channels to social channels. Through the new social media contact centers businesses are looking into, companies are making the move to be where their clients are as opposed to waiting for them to come.

Mickey Mouse Waffles Matter: Answering Customer Questions You Can’t Anticipate (

Customers have unique requirements that sometimes website copy fails to address. Since most consumers go on the internet to research on products, social media can help businesses gain more exposure through actively answering customer queries.

Darren Rowse on Building Community on Your Blog (

“The web is a place where people come to belong,” Darren Rowse says on creating success in social media. Highlights from his session on BlogWorld 2010 illustrate how a community can be built and maintained on a blog.

4 Ways to Foster Dialogue with Corporate Blogs (

In contrast to traditional PR which pushes information at its audience, blogs and social media pull them in with relevant content. Engaging the audience can work even for corporate blogs as it is part of that art of blogging and adds beef to content.

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