Weekly Link Roundup (11-19-10)

November 19th, 2010 by | 10 Comments

Twitterati: 5 Traits of Successful Business Accounts on Twitter (

More and more companies are utilizing Twitter to create buzz and leverage their business. This blog post draws insight from the success of a number of brands and provides tips on how businesses just starting to build their social media presence can do the same.

How To: Attract Your Perfect Client Online (

Real estate broker Naomi Tower thought she knew everything about the industry she was working in until she discovered she can gain more potential clients through social media. Here, she provides advice on how to attract clients from Facebook.

How Social Media Can Make Online Shopping Less Lonely (

Convenient though it may be, many consumers still find themselves lonely after shopping online alone. Perhaps this is because shopping used to be a highly social activity. Several social networks are aiming to bring that aspect back and make online shopping a fun experience.

Twitter to Sell 50% of All Tweets for $360k/Year Through Gnip (

It seems Twitter is becoming more and more aware of just how valuable the data it has is for various entities. recently announced a new partnership with Gnip. The social data streaming service will be selling 50% of all the messages posted to the social media site for $360,000 per year, or 5% of all messages for $60,000 per year.

Yahoo! Unveils Plans for New Social and Local Service at Web 2.0 Summit (

Web titan Yahoo! is officially joining the social media craze. Recently, it announced plans to launch new product and content offerings that center on social media and localization. While some see it as a step forward or a way to keep up with the times, other see it as an act of rebuttal against the younger web leaders.

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