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New Year’s Eve Plans? Apps for Cocktails, Music, Midnight Kisses and Party Reveling (

It’s New Year’s Eve! Are you ready to say goodbye to 2010 with a bang? If you still haven’t quite got everything solidly planned out, don’t worry! There are apps that can do it for you. From making the perfect cocktails to nabbing that midnight kiss, we found a list that can help make New Year’s Eve fun and memorable.

Facebook vs. Twitter, A Breakdown of 2010 Social Demographics (

Infographics are one trend we won’t see dying out soon. With the Internet churning out so much information every day, it is becoming increasingly harder for users to stick to one tab or window long enough to absorb everything that’s shown in it. Images catch our attention, and we’re all the more knowledgeable because of it. Who would’ve thought demographics could look so interesting?

2011 Predictions: Sarah Perez (

ReadWriteWeb has a tradition of posting its predictions on the state of the Internet in the coming year. While some of them turn out to be big misses, a good number of them are actually spot on. Now, they’re saying social media is going to be bigger than ever in 2011. Wait, that’s not a prediction; that’s a fact.

4 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2011 (

Things seem to be looking good for social media marketing in 2011. True, it seems to be growing more complex, but it is also growing into a more exact, measurable process. We can thank all the enterprises who have chosen not to shy away from new technological approach and contributed to its improvement.

Digital influence: 2011 as a Full Step towards Brand Storytelling (

If you think harnessing the power of online conversations is a concept that started just a year or two ago, think again. Engagement has been around for as far back as 2006 (For proof, just look at the Times “Person of the Year” for that year). What has happened is a rapid evolution, fueled by a string of amazing online innovations. Next year, we may be seeing a refinement of online marketing approaches.

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