Why Social Media Should Never Just be a Status Symbol for Businesses

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For many businesses today, adopting social media rarely comes with a definite goal or plan of action. Often, many establish their page simply for the sake of “having one” or simply riding trends. This is especially the case when new social networks begin to trend. When the business finds that the site doesn’t suit its needs in the long run, the account eventually becomes a ghost, which might create a potential gateway for social media damage.

Aside from avoiding the possibility of generating ghost accounts that could be used against your brand, there are other reasons to why social media for business shouldn’t be taken so lightly.


Social Media will Sway Your Reputation

A common problem with businesses stepping into social media is that those managing the page won’t always know the right way to inspire engagement and secure fan loyalty. This can prove to be a problem as posting the wrong thing, especially in response to sensitive issues, can open your brand to criticism. Because of this, it’s a must for all social media managers to be careful and treat the pages they manage as a venue for a two-way conversation between their brand and the customers.


Social Media Might Prove to be a Powerful Marketing Tool

Everyone knows that having sharable content is an easy way to get word of mouth to spread. But what many don’t know is that social media marketing is more than just sharing.

In contrast to other forms of marketing, brand managers must realize that social media’s target audience is always the returning customer. And these returning customers will be the ones to pull in new customers through sharing their experience with the brand. Because their experience will be the deciding factor, brand managers must see to it that their social media channels offer more than just things to share: it should also be an experience made to reward these customers loyal to them.


Because of the time and effort that goes into managing a successful page on any social media network, there’s no way social media should just be dismissed as a status symbol. Instead, brand managers should realize how it offers a great channel for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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