Win Them Over by Adding Social in Your Customer Service Strategy

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Incorporating social in one’s customer service strategy is probably one of the biggest opportunities missed by many brands these days. Social media marketing can be complicated, given the number of platforms managers need to work with, as well as the challenges involved in the creation of relevant and engaging content on a regular basis.

It’s hard to deny the monumental impact and potential benefits that social can deliver to your business though. Increased Internet accessibility and usage has made customers smarter, more web-savvy, and less patient. In fact, almost half of all U.S. consumers now use social media to ask questions, complain, or report something—and they expect answers fast. Brands need to keep up and focus on delivering the full customer experience if they want to stand out from their competitors and be successful in today’s online landscape.

A successful social customer service strategy is proactive. Instead of just coming up with quick, standard responses to questions posted via social media, you should encourage customers to raise questions in the first place. Setting up accounts specifically for support questions and help allows you to address complaints or respond to inquiries immediately.

Also, it helps to keep conversations with customers public. Unless a question or comment is highly offensive and needs to be taken down and addressed in a direct message instead, you’ll want everyone to see how you resolve product or service complaints. As far as responding to inquiries “like a conversation” goes, it’s better to simply talk like a real person and not like a computer. When a problem is resolved, you can go the extra mile and say, “Thank you for your question!” to show your level of engagement and not make it seem like you’re simply getting through a huge barrage of questions.

As you answer questions, it’ll also be helpful if you also include internal links that are relevant to your responses. Sending people back to your website to learn more will not only provide the public with more information, it will also get you more visitors, and hopefully, new customers as well.

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