Your Best Bets and Strategies for Growth Hacking

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The phrase “growth hacking” might be this year’s biggest buzzword in marketing, but it really is more than that. The practice, coined by Sean Ellis and popularized by fast-growing startups, is a strategic, creative, and technical approach to business with a single goal: growing as fast as possible.

Here are the best growth hacking ideas and strategies your small-to-medium business can use right now:

Leverage third-party audiences and platforms.
Research shows that businesses that use social media outlets, influencers, and personal connections to access large, well established audiences are highly likely to see a 6-to-1 return on their investment. Moreover, businesses that identify and sign up for third-party platforms like websites, directories, and apps that have already tapped into the markets they want to target have a better chance for exponential growth.

Target your competitors’ audience.
A smart albeit sneaky way to find and connect with potential customers is to engage with those who are following your competitors on social media. This takes out the middle man and ensures you that they’ll be interested in your brand and what you have to offer.

Personalize the experience.
As much as 61% of consumers say that they are more likely to buy from brands that deliver custom content that satisfies their unique questions and concerns because it helps them make their own decisions. Furthermore, building relevant, targeted content for specific audiences, such as in email marketing and page-specific content, or through contextual experiences, can increase conversions by 500% or more.

Get them to come back.
Studies have revealed that 68% of shopping carts get abandoned before sales are completed because people get distracted so easily. Bring your customers back by using email reminders and notifications to alert them of their pending purchases. You can also use retargeted ads on social media to bring visitors back to your website after they’ve left. You can increase brand searches by up to 1,000% and website visits by 720% after four weeks through this strategy.

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