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If you travel a lot, or find yourself using your smartphone every second you’re away from a computer, then you’ve probably realized you can use your phone to access social media. While there are many smartphones out there to choose from, none are as revolutionary as the iPhone. If you’ve managed to resist obtaining one up until this point, the recent introduction of Apple’s latest model, the 3GS could possibly be the last nail in the coffin of your defense.

You already know that the iPhone is versatile, catering to both your business and personal needs. You already know it’s fast (now made faster), that there’s an application for just about everything, and that everyone you know who has one, probably can no longer survive without it. But do you know that this new model could very well be an explosive tool in your social media marketing campaign?

Sure, Call it an “Upgrade”
The upgrade to 3.0 that was recently made available to all iPhone users is generic to say the least. It’s safe to say that a copy/paste feature is a no brainer, the search tool useful—but not Earth shattering, and the voice memo appears to be something the developers simply forgot to include after a nap. Luckily, Apple got the memo before creating their latest software and the 3GS. As an iPhone owner myself I’m thrilled I can now turn the device on its side to tap out a text.

The introduction of video recording on the 3GS could possibly be the most valuable addition amongst the new features. The specs? The camera offers 3 megapixels and shoots video at up to 30 frames per second, includes autofocus, tap-to-focus, and third-party application integration. The phone also offers a basic video-editing program. PC magazine’s Lead Analyst of Mobile Phones & PDAs, Sascha Segan, reviewed the camera as “the best I’ve seen on a U.S. camera phone, and it’s definitely good enough to include in your iMovie projects.”

Putting the Video Feature to Use
Now you can create, edit and post video with your new iPhone 3GS. Of course there are a few ways to do this.

  • Youtube- The new camera has a “send to Youtube” as one of your built in camera options. You can then create autoshare settings to automatically post the video to sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Tweetreel- This application was released less than two weeks ago to the App Store and costs just $2.99. It allows you to snap a photo, shoot a video and then immediately Tweet it. Unlike the Youtube method you can include text with your Tweeted photo or video. Your followers can also easily find your videos thanks to Tweetreel automatically assigning them URLs.
  • Posterous- Have several social-networking sites? No problem. Posterous makes it possible for you to post your pictures/video to every single one of your social networking sites, including text—with just one post. Not only that, but they’ll automatically put your post into the proper format—They’ll resize photos and create galleries, convert music to an MP3, and will turn your video to flash (they’ll host it too). As if all that’s not enough, your iPhone 3GS will allow you to download videos as a standard feature and you can even upload your content without a Wi-Fi connection. You can learn more about Posterous & the iPhone over at Mashable.

The iPhone 3GS may not be the world’s best smartphone, but with social media companies catering directly to it, it may certainly be the world’s best handheld social networking tool.

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