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So you’ve decided to run a contest and you’ve chosen Twitter as the vehicle to bring to your contest to the world. You’ve planned out the logistics, including your contest’s objectives, mechanics and the prize you’ll be handing out to the eventual winner. Then you outlined and scheduled the tweets you’ll be sending out to hype up your contest. This will ensure a good amount of new followers and retweets along the way.

So what else do you need, you ask?

A virtual storefront for your contest, that’s what. It’s best to have a separate space online where you can post your contests details and mechanics. You can set aside a dedicated landing page for your contest on a specific area of your blog or Web site. Have a specific URL for it to make it easy for your followers to easily remember its location; something like or would be ideal.

Make sure your contest’s page layout is clean and fairly easy to navigate around for your readers and be as detailed as possible with your mechanics. This will allow those interested to join your contest to read up on what else you have to offer, but it also gives them a strong sense of security that they engaging in a legitimate promotion and not some scam ready to run off with their contact links details and links.

You can also add a graphic that announces the contest on the front page of your main site that links to the dedicated contest page. It will keep your followers focused and engaged on the contest details and will also entice your other readers and those who have stumbled upon your site who don’t necessarily follow you on Twitter. Include a smaller graphic at the top of the sidebar for this same purpose.

If you’re chosen contest involve accepting submissions, provide a separate tab on the same page where everyone can view them. This works great if you’ve also allowed your readers to vote for the winner as this also increases both your site’s traffic and social mentions across Twitterverse.

Aside from these, here is a short list of suggestions you can have on the contest’s landing page or even on your own Web site:

A countdown to the contest’s deadline. If you can code to make the timer’s overall design match the layout that’s good, but if you don’t, you can go and embed third party-generated timers into your site. Yahoo Widgets houses some pretty nifty ones you can choose from or you can also try Free Counter TimerWidgetBox or Softpedia. You can customize some of these and, with a click, they can generate the necessary JavaScript code to embed into your site.

Facebook Social Plugins. To better spread your word across the social networks, you can utilize Facebook’s Open Graph API by integrating social plugins like theLike buttons, Recommendation and Comments boxes to your contest’s page. Should you readers use these plugins, it will directly reflect in their Facebook News Feeds for all their friends to see.

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